MindLabs: Energy and Circuits
MindLabs: Energy and Circuits
MindLabs: Energy and Circuits
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MindLabs: Energy and Circuits

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MindLabs Energy and Circuits is a magical STEM learning tool for children ages 8 and older. It combines a free digital app, physical cards, and augmented reality in a fun and exciting approach to learning core science concepts.

Perfect for remote learning, MindLabs works with one to four players, in the same or different locations.  Children take turns adding (or deleting) component cards and wires to create the desired circuit. All the players see the results of their combined efforts at the same time through their device. It’s a great tool to foster collaboration in STEM.

• Manipulate cards (picturing batteries, light bulbs, fans, and more) and assemble them into working circuits. Draw the connecting wires on a mobile device, and magically see what happens. The cards come to life in 3D!
• MindLabs is the ideal learning tool for solo or team play, even if students are in multiple locations!
• More than 20 interactive lessons take players step by step through basic circuit concepts. Educators can design additional challenges in the Create Space.
• It's learning by doing! The hands-on experimentation is fun and perfect for the self-directed learner.
• The robot duo, Atom and Anne, direct and encourage young learners to thwart the evil Dr. Stonebreaker.
• This product has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health.

What's Included: 2 sets of durable cards (20 cards per set). Cards include different battery types, multiple lights, switch, fan, buzzer, and more.

Ages: MindLabs is designed for children ages 8 and older, 4th grade and above.

Minimum iOS Requirements: iPhone SE 2016, iPad Mini Gen 5, or iPad 2017 running iOS 11

Minimum Android Requirements: Google Pixel, Samsung S8, Moto Z2, HTC U11, or comparable devices running Android 9

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