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Explore! Sneak Peek Pack - Educational Game
Explore! Sneak Peek Pack - Educational Game

Explore! "Sneak Peek" Pack

With our educational augmented reality game, the Explore! "Sneak Peek" Pack,  you will receive the full set of 20 engaging cards and access to year 1 content as it is released.

Fight evil with STEM by joining Anne and Atom in exploring the basics of energy and circuits to escape the devious Dr. Stonebraker in an educational augmented reality adventure. 

Each pack will include:

  • 7 imagine cards
  • 1 idea card
  • 2 character cards
  • 10 item cards
  • 1 signature tin for safe storage
  • Full access to our "free build" imagine space
  • Access to the 40+ year 1 cards as they are released
Note: this product is in development, and is anticipated to ship Summer 2018.